“We Can Get You Listed at the Top of Google!”

If someone told you that they could make you rich overnight if you just bought their product, would you pull out your checkbook? Most likely not. BUT, if someone told you they could get your website listed at the top of the Google search engine, many are quick to sign up with very few questions asked. I am seeing more and more individuals paying out top dollar for services that they understand little or nothing about.

The first question should be, “What do you mean by saying that you can get my website listed at the top of the Google search engine?” If you were to Google your domain name (mywebsite.com) it would most likely come up at the top, or at least the first page, of the Google search result. A simple promise to get your website listed at the top of the Google search engine tells you nothing! Does that person know your target market? Do they know the common search phrases your target market uses to find the type of product or service you are offering? Do they know how competitive that search phrase is (i.e. how many of your competitors are using that same search phrase)?

Before signing a contract or handing over a hefty fee, ask for references of successful clients and check their Google rankings. I have personally saved clients thousands who have used my consulting services to evaluate their online marketing expenditures. An important concept to remember is that methodology changes constantly while basic business principles never change. A basic investment principle is never invest in something you do not understand. Before agreeing to hire someone to boost your online presence, do some research and learn more about what they are actually offering and how well they deliver on their promises. If you do not feel qualified to do the research yourself, hire someone who can. It will be worth the money!

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