Welcome to our corporate website. Intexch, Inc. is a Business-to-Business corporation specializing in Internet applications. The core of our business is website design and hosting through Cloud Intexch. But we also offer so much more for Small Businesses. We teach Internet & Business related classes, develop program applications, database administration, provide marketing services (SEO, Website Analytics, etc.), as well as business consulting.

Internet & Business Related Classes

We have conducted Computer and Internet related classes from Coast-To-Coast across the United States. We have conducted classes in Business Applications to Internet programming. We have taught classes to the United States Air Force, Motorola, General Electric, and other corporations. We have taught at various locations such at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida; the Infomart Data Center in downtown Dallas, TX; San Jose, CA;  Los Angeles, CA, just to name a few. Contact us about customizing a class for your group or company!

Program Development & Database Application

Intexch, Inc. has been developing code and database applications even longer than we have been designing web pages. Even though we have written in a variety of languages using a variety of databases, our current specialty is PHP and MySQL. We are also a Magento developer. Contact us about your programing/database projects.

Website Marketing Services

Content is king and the content we provide for our clients gets results! We optimize our client’s websites with words and phrases that target their potential client. We study their industry. We study their target market. We then study words and phrases their target market uses to find what they want so that our client’s target market finds our client’s websites. Just knowing the Internet and developing web pages is not enough, you have to know business and marketing. We were studying marketing before companies were using webpages to promote their business. A website is only a tool. Just having a website is not a guarantee of success any more than picking up your business cards at the printer means you be a successful business. The Internet might have changed the face of business, but basic business principles still apply! That is why our Intexch, Inc. is dedicated to helping you grow your business. Contact us  about marketing your business and your website.

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