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Take a NAP on Us!



I know my business needs a website, but I just don’t have the time or know how to create my own website! Besides, I just don’t trust those so-called “Free” website companies!

Not A Problem! Intexch Website Design & Hosting has been developing websites since 1995! We know what we’re doing. We will find out everything we can about your industry and your business and then transfer that information into a business class website, designed with your target market in mind. Contact Us Today and ask about creating a website for your business!


I paid some web company a lot of money to design a website and then all it had on it was some Greek or Latin text. My clients don’t speak Latin and I’m at a loss as far as what to write on my website. I really need someone to help me!!!

Not A Problem! Our content writer is not only a published writer but has written several technical manuals. Don’t worry though, he has a Business/Marketing degree from the University of South Florida and has spent decades in various businesses both corporate conglomerates as well as small business. He can write just the right copy to help bring clients to your website. Contact Us Today and ask about out our Website Content Writing Services!


Okay, I have a website. Now what do I do with it???? I don’t know anything about domain names, host providers, setting up a business email account. That’s not what I got into business for. I need help!!!

Not A Problem! We know the ins-and-outs of Website hosting. We have maintained servers in the large server rooms of Corporate America as well as configured numerous web servers in remote data centers. We will make sure your website is not only secure from hackers but also up and running 24/7*. Contact Us Today and ask about out our Managed Hosting Services!


When it comes to Social Media I am clueless!!! I don’t know anything about marketing my business on Facebook, trending, or Twitter!!! All I know is that my competition is using Social Media and if I want to stay in the game, I am going to have to find someone to help me!

Not A Problem! We have a plan to draw attention to your company with Social Media. Now a days, if you want to stay ahead of your competition, you have to use whatever means possible. That translates into either learning all about Social Media on your own, or finding someone else who does. Contact Us Today and ask about out our Social Media services!


I got a great website, I am doing the Social Media, I thought I was ahead of my competition. Then, out of nowhere, they come up with a video on their website and started their own YouTube Channel with my clients subscribing to their channel!!! What do I do? I need help!!!

Not A Problem! We got your back! Our experienced video personnel can visit your local location with a HD camera to take and edit quality, professional videos about your company. We will handle posting the video to your web page, setting up your YouTube Channel, and blending the video into your Social Media Mix. We got you covered. Contact Us Today and ask about out our video production!
*Our data center is Category A, PCI compliant. With advanced Smart Routing™ technology & premium bandwidth providers, we maintain 99.99% network uptime.



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